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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Plain City Cemetery is situated on South Chillicothe street and west bank of Big Darby, about one-half mile from the city. This is the oldest cemetery in the township. It is not known who, or the exact date of the first interment, but at least it was as early as 1810. The land embraced in the old part of this cemetery was donated by Titus Dort in 1812. An additional purchase was subsequently made, and others must soon follow. In this cemetery is located the township vault, built according to the most improved patterns. Many of the monuments are grand in artistic design.

Smith Cemetery. – This cemetery is situated on Darby Plains, about four miles southwest of Plain City. It was thus named from its first having been used as a family burying-ground, but many other interments were made, therefore it was subsequently deeded to the Trustees of the township, who have taken it in charge. In 1818, the first interment was that of a child by the name of Andrews, a relative of this family of Smiths. There are some costly monuments, artistic and beautiful in design.

Bigelow Cemetery. – This is strictly a family burying-ground. It is situated on East Main street, on the south bank of Big Darby, just outside the incorporated limits of Plain City. Polly Bigelow, wife of the Rev. Isaac Bigelow, who came to Darby in 1812, was the first person buried in this family cemetery, in the year 1818. The most of this once numerous family lie here, in obedience to the stern decree, " Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return."

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