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Officials of the Township

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

There appear to be no records preserved until 1864. Since that date, the following have served as Township Trustees: 1864, J. W. Eachus, Joseph Plowman and Benjamin Tyler; 1865, J. C. Jones, David Stroup, Jr., and John Stone; 1866, Robert Reed, John C. Jones and David Stroup, Jr.; 1867, Robert Reed, E. T. Linson and David Watson, Jr.; 1868, E. T. Linson, Washington Withrow and S. W. Bonner; 1869, W. Withrow, J. W. Eachus and David Watson, Jr.; 1870, Steel Douglass, David Watson and J. W. Eachus; 1871, David Watson, R. A. Niel and Steel Douglass; 1872, J. W. Eachus, David Watsou and R. Samuel Niel; 1873, David Watson, Edmond Hill and William Kilgore; 1874, John C. Jones, M. A. Baskerville and William Kilgore; 1875, William Kilgore, M. A. Baskerville and David Watson; 1876, M. A. Baskerville, David Watson and Benjamin F. Tyler; 1877, Joseph Ploughman, John Eachus and M. A. Baskerville; 1878, John W. Eachus, John T. Vent and Joseph Ploughman; 1870, Robert Watkins, George Bodkin and John Paulin; 1880, John T. Vent, N. C. Rice and S. Bonnor; 1881, Austin Hutson, N. C. Rice and J. O. Sifrit; 1882, present incumbents are Washington Withrow, John C. Jones and Austin Hutson.

Township Clerks—1865, Steel Douglass; 1866, Henry McCann; 1867-68, Henry McCann; 1869, Henry Tyler; 1870, C. M. Evans; 1871, Henry Tyler; 1872, Henry Tyler; 1873-74, James 8. Cleeland; 1875, G. B. Cannon; 1876, Elam Blaugher; 1877, Thomas Durkee; 1878-79, T. C. Durkee; 1880, Marion Jones; 1881-82, Samuel Vent.

Justices of the Peace—1854, Stephen Maxey and William B. Baskerville; 1857, Job Coberly, John Correll and Stephen Maxey; 1858, William B. Baskerville; 1860, Steel Douglass; 1861, John T. Maxey; 1863, Jesse Coberly; 1864, John T. Maxey; 1866, Steel Douglass and Franklin Tyler; 1867, Jesse Coberly; 1870, H. W. Rowland and George Bodkin; 1873, Steel Douglass and George W. Bodkin: 1876, George Schurr and G. W. Coberly; 1880, William Keever and George W. Bodkin; 1881, James S. Cleeland.

Treasurers—1865, S. H. Watson; 1866-73, S. H. Watson; 1874-78, V. L. Buel; 1879, Gideon Peck; 1880, E. A. Blaugher; 1881, C. Durkee; 1882. C. Durkee.

Assessors—1866, Benjamin Linson; 1867, E. R. Florence; 1868-69, E. R. Florence; 1870, Benjamin Linson; 1871, E. R. Florence; 1872, John T. Hutson; 1873, Benjamin Tyler; 1874-75, John Crawford; 1876. A. E. Osborn; 1877, A. E. Osborn; 1878, John F. Armstrong; 1879, Frank Mitchell; 1880, Edward Florence; 1881-82, Winfield Coberly.

Constables—1865-66, James Jewell and Adam Rider; 1867, V. L. Buel; 1868, William Clevenger and Washington Coberly; 1869, S. White and M. W. Cannon; 1870, W. T. Bethards and S. White; 1871, J. Schick dants and W. T. Bethards; 1872, George Hull and S. O. McColum; 1873, George Hill and Peter S. Hill; 1874, Thomas Bethards and Jonathan Carter; 1875, Peter S. Hill and William Clevenger; 1876, Peter S. Hill and George Miller; 1877, E. A. Blaugher and Stephen Maxey; 1878, Daniel Kulp and George Hull; 1879, J. W. Osborn and E. C. Duff; 1880. George Hull and David Sutherland; 1881, George Hull and William Yeath; 1882, William Yeath and A. C. Bodkin.

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