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Dr. D. W. Whittaker Obituary

The London Times, Oct. 6, 1898

Suicide of a Physician

Meager reports received here Tuesday evening and yesterday morning announced the sudden death of Dr. D. W. WHITTAKER, a Madison county boy at Chattanooga, Tenn. The reports were conflicting, and mentioned as a cause of his death either suicide or typhoid fever. It is now known that the former report is true, and that Dr. Whittaker took his life while temporarily insane, and because of despondency. The Cincinnati papers stated that on Monday evening after he had retired to his room for the night, Dr. Whittaker took a pistol and shot himself through the head. The deceased is a son of Mrs. T. S. MARKELY of this city, by a former marriage, and was born in Summerford township. He received his medical education at the O. W. U. at Delaware and after trying different localities in which to practice, located at Chattanooga. Although a good physician, he did not meet with the success in business that he had hoped, and to this is attributed his despondency. Mrs. Markley left for Chattanooga yesterday morning and may return tomorrow.

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