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C. A. Brennan

One of the attractive stores of London and worthy of special mention in these pages is that of C. A. Brennan's on Main street. Mr. Brennan has been located here about two years and has built up a fine trade. His store is a modern, up-to-date establishment, filled always with the best and largest assortment of fine groceries anywhere in this section. Fresh, staple articles, at right prices is the rule. He makes a specialty of wines and liquors for family use.

Mr. Brennan is well-known in London as a business man, having conducted a store several years ago on Center street. He was also in partnership with his brother as a buyer of eggs and poultry and country produce and he is still a buyer of eggs and poultry at the highest cash prices or in trade. Mr. Brennan is popular with all who know him.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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