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G. W. Carter
G. W. Carter
W. L. Foster
W. L. Foster

This firm is composed of G. W.Carter and W. I. Foster, both natives of the county, and who have lived here all of their lives. Three years ago they purchased the brick yards on the west side of town and are now in the enjoyment of a large business supplying the local demand for a superior hard-burned red brick, both for facing or filling, and also shipping large quantities to other points. They employ about twenty hands most of the time and in addition to the brick yard carry on the business of contractors and builders in stone and brick work. They have about 98 acres in their yards, most of it a fine clay, right on the surface. Their kilns are modern and every effort is made to turn out as good a brick as can be made in Ohio.

Their output is constantly increasing. Both gentlemen are popular with all who know them. Mr. Carter is prominent as a Mason and Mr. Foster is a well-known K. P.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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