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E. B. Rowlen

Mr. E. B. Rowlen began business on his own account in London as a dealer in fine footwear nearly five years ago, purchasing the store of F. E. Weckel who had occupied the famous T. J. Bolds stand.

Mr. Rowlen did not engage in business without experience, having served several years as clerk and salesman, and thus acquiring a practicai knowledge of the trade.

No store in this section has a larger stock, or a wider assortment. You are sure to find in fit, style, or finish, and price just the shoe you want, in Rowlen's.

Among the popular makes for ladies may be mentioned the Queen Quality, Julian Kokenge, Krippendorf & Ditman, and other lines noted for their finish, beauty and style. The mens' shoes embrace such famous makes as the "Crawford," "James Means" and Korrect Shape Shoes, noted for their durability and comfortable wearing qualities. There is also a large line of shoes for children, such as the Riley-Barker, S. L. Pierce and "Good for Bad Boys Shoes" so strong and lasting that even the school boy cannot phase them.

Mr. Rowlen gives his personal attention to the business, and by keeping a line of shoes of superior merit, combined with fair and honest treatment to his customers, has won a reputation of which to be proud.

A large repair department in charge of A. J. McBride, in which several men are kept busy, is an important feature of his store.

Mr. Rowlen is prominent in the Masonic order, and popular with all who know him or have ever bought shoes in his store.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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