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Gallagher Bros.

Some Interesting Facts About One of London's Big Lumber Firms.

Gallagher Bros.

In 1892 this firm was established in London, doing business as Gallagher & Murray. Mr. Murray soon after retired, and his interests were purchased by the present firm, which now consists of Frank and Thomas Gallagher. These gentlemen have been most assiduous in their efforts to please their trade and extend their business. They have succeeded in building up a wide trade and have now a large and appreciative number of customers who bear testimony to the high character and upright methods of this firm.

Gallagher Bros.

All kinds of lumber is handled, besides coal, lime, hair, cement, locust posts, paroid roofing, fencing, including the Peerless. Anything needed in building material they are sure to have in stock, such as hardwood flooring, casings, sash, frames, doors. Four teams are kept busy continually and about a dozen men are employed. They enjoy a large country trade, which is ever increasing. Both the members of the firm were raised in the county, and are well and favorably known all over it. Mr. Frank Gallagher has served the city as councilman and with popularity as well as ability.

[The book does not identify which photo is Frank Gallagher and which is Thomas Gallagher.]

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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