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J. J. Yerian

J. J. Yerian

Right on the firing line, in the battle for insurance is J. J. Yerian. He started in 1898, with his brother, John, since deceased, and in the years intervening, has shown Madison county a correct type of the successful life insurance solicitor. Indeed his fame has spread into other sections, so that he is well-known abroad, as well as famous.

Of course, he started right, and engaged himself to the Union Central Life Company of Cincinnati, an insurance association as solid as a rock, and as square as a block. Having the right company, "Jake," as he is called by a thousand admiring friends, just threw his energy and pluck into the work. His winning manners and tireless application, as well as sincere faith in the merit of life insurance, as both investment and protection. soon won results and Mr. Yerian was writing policies at a rate never before heard of in this section.

In ten years he wrote hundreds of policies and has paid dozens of death losses in full and with promptness, bringing substantial consolation and inspiring new hope in many a heavy heart at the right time.

The Union Central has passed unscathed and without criticism, through financial storm and insurance investigation. It stands unshaken, its assets ample, unimpaired and its fidelity as firm and unswerving as ever. Its first thought is its policy holders, to protect these, and to be at all times ready to meet its legal and equitable liabilities, is its past record and its future hope. With representatives of the stamp of J. J. Yerian, it will have friends in every household and a policy holder in every citizen.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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