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P. A. Lanigan established the business, October, 1899, and continued till January, 1904, when his brother, Thomas, became a member and the firm has since been known as Lanigan Brothers. Prior to embarking on their own account they had spent several years as clerks and salesmen, thus acquiring a practical knowledge which no doubt contributed to their great success.

Their store is among the most popular in the city and the stock is as complete, as varied and as fine as may be found in this section. Groceries, smoked meats, canned goods, fruits, nuts, vegetables and an excellent variety of wines, liquors and cigars.

They also purchase seeds and country produce, paying at all times the highest market price. Their trade has grown rapidly year by year and may be said to extend to all parts of the county. Farmers desiring a place to trade where there is fair treatment and first-class goods, will be pleased to call on Lanigan Brothers. They are agents for Hoster's Famous Wiener Beer, a beer that is rated without a superior for purity and health-giving properties.

Messrs. Lanigan Bros. are up-to-date, popular hustlers, enjoying a large business which is ever on the increase.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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