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Horen's Music Store, established in 1898, with a stock of two pianos, three organs and small instruments, by industry, built its stock to from ten to twelve pianos, phonographs, talking machines and supplies, sheet music, small instruments, pictures, framing and post cards.

The sale of pianos is the chief business. Mr. Horen carries Chase Bros., the oldest make west of the Alleghenies, Adam Schaaf, that solid German piano on the market since 1873. The Hackley, Carlisle and Boltwood pianos, in their respective grades, complete the line.

Favorable terms will be given. Mr. Horen is proud of the fact that he sells pianos in Columbus and Springfield under the nose of so-called bargain piano stores. When sifted down buyers find that the real bargain existed with the man who does not have to pay city rents, high-priced salesmen, a combination which makes a piano cost more whether the agents say so or not.

Mr. Horen does his own selling, playing and tuning.

Many parents hesitate to purchase a piano because they are uncertain of the musical ability of the children, they fear they cannot learn, that the instrument will stand unused. Such children, Mr. Horen gives free, a course of lessons, enough to determine the aptness to learn and will truthfully tell the parents the result.

The picture framing department has met with marked success since its inauguration one year ago. Mr. Horen has installed the latest improved machinery for making of frames and cutting mats square or oval. The stock of moulding covers every grade of style from the lowest priced designs to costly gold leaf frames. Here is material to suit the most fastidious at prices that have been a revelation in this city.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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