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Mt. Sterling Lumber Co.

One of the Large Enterprises for Which Mt. Sterling is Noted.

Office and Sheds are Shown Herewith

Mt. Sterling Lumber

This company was incorporated April the first, 1905, with a captial stock of fifteen thousand dollars, and became the successors to I. S. Henkle, who continued with the company as president till 1907. At present the officers are: President, W. H. Blaine; Secretary and Treasurer, J. S. Core, and C. D. Finley, Manager. Mr. Core has charge of the office, and being an expert accountant, is bookkeeper for the company.

J. S. Core
J. S. Core, Sec. and Treas.

Mr. Finley, general manager, has had twenty years' experience in the lumber business, and is well and popularly known. The company deals in all kinds of lumber, also in mill work, paints, oils, varnish, glass, cement, lime, plaster, coal, brick and slate. They make a specialty of window and door frames, and shop to all parts of the state. Their trade has steadily increased, and extends to nearly every section of this and surrounding counties.

C. D. Finley
C. D. Finley, Mgr.

Their goods are regarded as the best shedded in the state, which means you can always get dry lumber at any time.

Window and Door Frames Our Specialty

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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