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Interesting Data of One of London's Important Enterprises

Manufacturers of All Kinds of Mill Stuff.

Ralph D. Coons
Ralph D. Coons, Manager

House Finish, Lumber All Kinds, Shingles, Fence Posts, Ladders, Farm Gates, Sash, Doors and Frames.

Though the Pierce Lumber company was organized in 1906, it was not till the Spring of 1907, that it really began to make an impression on the commercial life of London. Its president, Mr. Clinton Morse, and the present manager, Ralph D. Coons, then infused their progressive spirits into the enterprise and made it a complete systematic undertaking, with several departments, each in charge of men who are specialists in the lines managed by them.

The company at once inaugurated a policy of completeness. That is, they filled the yards with every and all kinds of lumber, so that they could supply at all times any demands made. Mr. Ralph D. Coons, who has had a wide experience with the largest lumber dealers in Columbus, was made general manager. No man is better equipped, or knows better the wants of the trade than Mr. Coons. He has the very thing at hand for which you are looking, and this fact is becoming known to farmers and builders. They lose no time hunting here and there, for they know the Pierce Lumber company carries the article in stock. A trip through the yards will convince you that nothing in their stock is wanting. This department is in charge of Mr. Matthew Richardson, who has been with the company several years. The planing mill is modern and complete, equipped with new engines and the most approved machinery for turning out mill stuff, such as frames, house finish, scroll work, etc. Mr. R. W. Limes, one of the most expert mechanics in the country is in charge of the mill and shops. His very name is a guarantee of superior workmanship, nicety in joining, fitting and stability.

Adjoining the mill is the carpenter shop in charge of Mr. Thomas McCormack, a man known all over the country for the care and correctness of the work done under his supervision. Frames put together in his department never have to be altered. They are always as the specifications require.

The offices and counting rooms are naturally the immediate care of Mr. Coons, who, with the assistance of an expert bookkeeper, in the person of Mr. Lester Stroupe, keeps the accounts in a business-like way, free from errors, and after the best models in the commercial world of today.

Upon the whole no firm commends itself more highly to the people of Madison county than the Pierce Lumber company. Its proprietors are men of wealth and standing in the community. Their policy is a most liberal one, and their stock not surpassed for completeness, quality or prices anywhere. The past year has brought increased trade, and the indications point to greater growth.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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