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George Morcher

The Ohio State Fish Hatchery, three and a half miles northwest of London, is a place of great interest. Its present superintendent is Mr. George Morcher, who is a native of Seneca county, but has been in his present position nine years, giving most eminent satisfaction, and showing to the State of Ohio that he is fitted by nature and study for the business of fish culture. Mr. Morcher is in love with his work. He is, and has always been both a student and a close observer. Book lore alone, has not made him the successful man that he is, but observation, patience, infinite care, have all contributed. After nine years of thought and labor he has developed the fishery into a place of beauty as well as wonder. Nineteen ponds have been constructed and in them are cropies, black and grey bass and cat fish. From these are hatched yearly as high as five hundred thousand fish, all used by the wardens in stocking the rivers, lakes and ponds of the state. Mr. Morcher is engaged in a great work and enjoys the confidence of the officials and people of Ohio.

From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary
Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908


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