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From Atlas of Madison County, J.A. Caldwell [Condit, Ohio: 1875]

Alfred Willett, Survey 36 and 37. Settled 1859. Native of Europe. P.O. Lafayette. General Store

B.F. Bierbaugh. Settled 1850. Native of Ohio. P.O. Lafayette. Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, &c.

A.M. Rogers, Survey 7, Settled 1829. Native of Ky. P.O. Lafayette. Farmer and Stock Grower.

George Kaufmann. Survey 80. Settled 1840. Native of Germany. P.O. Lafayette. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. All kinds of work done in the best of style.

C.T. Martin & Co. Survey 35. Settled 1861. Native of Penn. P.O. Lafayette. Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. &c.

C. Stewart. Survey 26 and 27. Settled 1866. Native of Vt. P.O. Lafayette. Dealer in Agricultural Implements.


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