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From Atlas of Madison County, J.A. Caldwell [Condit, Ohio: 1875]

McCloud & Bro., Dealer in Pure Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Toilet Articles, Brushes, Patent Medicines, &c. Prescriptions prepared at all hours, corner Main & Railroad sts. Also located at Marysville, Ohio.


Dr. B.I. Ballinger, Physician and Surgeon. Office at residence, on Main st. east of Chillicothe st.

S. Ervine, Physician and Surgeon, north Chillicothe st.

A. Haner, Physician and Surgeon, Main st.


A. Stewart, "Family Grocery." We keep constantly on hand a full assortment of Groceries, Provisions, Confectioneries, dried and canned Fruits, Notions, Cigars and Queensware; also the best assortment of Pocket cutlery kept in Town, also goods sold on the best possible terms for Cash or Country Produce.


C.L. Sherwood, Livery and Feed Stable, Good Carriages, Double and Single Rigs with or without drivers at all times. Strict attention given to Feeding Horses. Stable in the rear of Sherwood's Hardware Store.

E. Pitcher, Mayor and Principal of Union Schools, Residence on Railroad st.

W.P. Andrews, Justice of the Peace and Attorney at Law.

C.C. Andrews, Rail Road Agent and Proprietor of the Warehouse. Dealer in Flour, Salt, Grain and Farming Implements.

Robert Graham, Residence, west of the Depot.

J. Edwards, Wagon and Carriage Manufacturer. We Manufacture all kinds of Wagons, Buggies, Sulkies, &c., Repairing of all kinds done on short notice and at reasonable terms.

Jacob Weaver, General Blacksmithing and Shoeing Ironing of Buggies and Wagons. Repairing of all kinds promptly done. Special attention paid to repairing Plows, corner Main and Mechanic sts.

P. Snyder, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Ready made Clothing, &c.; also general assortment of Notions. Country Produce taken in exchange for goods. We also have a first class Saddle and Harness Shop, where we manufacture Single and Double Harness, Ladies' and Gents' Saddles, Collars, Whips, Trace Chains, Blankets and Lap Robes constantly on hand.

J.C. Tauber, Watchmaker and Jeweler.

T. L. McDowell, Carpenter and Contractor. All orders for work promptly attended to. Prices very reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed. Residence on Chillicothe st., south side Rail Road Crossing.

J.T. Black, Grocery and Provision Store. I keep constantly on hand a choice lot of all kinds of Family Groceries, and I take Country Produce in exchange for my goods.

Wm. F. Bancroft, Restaurant and Meat Market, where you will find a choice lot of fresh Meat constantly on hand.

C.L. Barlow, Carpenter and Builder. All contracts attended to promptly. Shop at residence on West Main st.

A. Beach, Carpenter and Contractor. All orders for Building or Repairing attended to on short notice.

B.H. Marshall & Son, Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers. All work warranted and satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see my work shop on the corner of Main and Chillicothe sts.

Smith & Jones, Plain City Bank. Interest paid on deposits, and all deposits strictly confidential. Stockholders individually responsible.

A. Sherwood, Proprietor of the Sherwood House, near depot. First Class accomodations.

Thomas Jones, Farmer, Plain City

O.C. McCune, James M. Wilson - Carpenters and Joiners and Proprietors of Plain City Planing Mills.

J.T. Black, Dealer in Hardware, Stoves and Tin Ware, Cutlery, Tools, Wooden Ware, Brooms, Cordage, North-East corner of Main and Chillicothe streets, Plain City


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