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Madison County Class Reunion

London High School Class of 1932

25th Class Reunion Program

attended the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Party, celebrating the graduation of the Class of 1932 from the London High School, held at the London Country Club, May 31, 1957; that such attendance exhibited a prfound interest in the joy of recollection by reason of which he or she is entitled to this certificate and souvenir program commemorating the event.


Social Hour
Welcome to Class and Guests
Courtesy Betty Schlegel Wood
Jinny Green
Jim Bell
Supt. J. J. Hartley
Members of Faculty
Members of Class

Commencement for Class of 1957
High School Auditorium

London Country Club

"Nor, in truth, would the honours of illustrious men continue after death, if their own spirits did not make us preserve a longer remembrance of them"

Guy Alexander
Elizabeth Hennigan
Francis Plymell
Woodrow Thibaut
Donald Turvy

Vice President
Harold C. Brown
Virginia B. Green
Ralph A. Wright
Mary K. Sparling


ROBERT Y. AMRINE is vice president, in charge of loan operations, of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Phoenix, Arizona. Bob, his wife, Sally, and their three children live at 1940 East Luke Avenue, Phoenix.

MARVEL ANTHONY is the father of six children, equally divided between boys and girls. He lists his occupation as farmer and resides on R. F. D., Mount Sterling, Ohio.

ALTA BALLARD is married to E. G. Sisk, and her address is Route #1, Box 62, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

RICHARD BALLENGER comprises one half of the only inter-class marriage. He and EVELYN MAXWELL are the parents of four girls and live at 810 Larkspur Drive, Jeffersonville, indiana, where Dick is in the insurance loss prevention business. Evelyn, who is employed as nurse, seamstress, cook, maid and bookkeeper, said that not even the arrival of their first grandchild, which is expected momentarily, would prevent their attendance.

HAROLD BARCK lives on South Oak Street in London.

JAMES F. BELL is a Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio. He, his wife, Charlotte, their son and daughter, live at 91 Richmond Avenue, London.

HAROLD C. BROWN resides at 800 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield, Ohio.

MARGARET BROWN is employed by the U. S. Air Force and lives at 1968 Chestnut Avenue, Long Beach, California.

CARL B. BUEHLER must have finally found that "elixir of youth" he looked for all through the Class Play because he says he wants to see "how fat, bald, gray and decrepit the rest of the classmates are compared to myself." Dutch is quality control coordinator at North American Aircraft. He and Mary Ann and their two children live at 508 North Powell Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

ROBERT M. BURRIS wouldn't tell us what he sells, but he's a salesman. And he didn't say whether he is the typical traveling salesman. Perhaps his wife, Dorothy, can fill us in on the details. with their two children, Bob and Dorothy live at 1834 Waltham Avenue, Cincinnati, 24, Ohio.

WALTER E. BUSSEY and his wife, Lois, live at 90 West First Street in London. Walt is a diesel engine builder and he and Lois are the parents of two boys and one girl.

ORPHA CALLOWAY CRUM and her husband, Ray, recently left West Jefferson and moved to the sunny south. their address is Box 401, Spruce Hills, Mims, Florida. Ray is a flight test mechanic and they have one son.

ANNA CASTO HIX and her husband, Dannie, operate a farm on Route #1, Mount Sterling, Ohio. They have two daughters.

MURRAY CREATH is continuing the family tradition in operating a grocery and meat market. He and Millie and their daughter live at 106 South Walnut Street, London.

MARGARET CUMMINS HIGGINS thinks it will be fun to see how many of the girls have gray hear and how many of hte boys have any. Her husband, Cletus, is employed by Opekasit and they live at 197 South Main Street, London, Ohio.

FLORENCE CUTLIP is married to Leland Anthony, and they live at 9635 Dearborn Avenue, Southgate, California.

BURTON E. DAVEY is Comptroller and Office Manager for Duon, Inc., "originator of fine shampoos." (We have to give that plug because of the favors furnished us.) His work takes him all over the U. S., Mexico and South America. When he finds time to be home, he and Carmen and their three girls live at 4321 S. W. 2d. Terrace, Miami, 34, Florida.

DORIS DOTY SMITH lives with her two children at 19 North Madison Road, London. She is a teller at the Central National Bank, but she won't tell us what she tells.

MARION W. ENGARD (and these are his words), "the irresistable", is sales manager for the Kautzky Lazy Ike Co. in Fort Dodge, Iowa. And that's a real plug! With his wife, Virginia, and three daughters, he lives at 354 Loomis Avenue, Fort Dodge. He agreed to be present at the "rasslin' match" if we guaranteed him a feminine opponent. Anybody volunteer?

ELLEN FOREMAN LAMBERT, hwose husband, Bob, operates the Lambert Shell Service, lives at 170 South Main Street, London.

THOMAS GAMBILL, and there aren't many of us who will remember that his first name is William, lives with his wife, Lois Jeanne, and two boys at 225 Summit Street, Lebanon, Ohio. Tommy is parts manager at a Ford agency.

CHARLES R. GEER is a railroad conductor and labor representative of his organization. (That's a fancy way of saying "lobbyist.") He lives on R. F. D., London.

CHESTER R. GEER is an embalmer at the Lukens Funeral Home and he and Doris live at 103 North Main Street, London. They have an especial interest in this year's activities because their daughter, Vicijean, is a member of the 1957 graduating class.

HELEN GENITE is the wife of Dr. Arnold O. Abraham. They, and their four-year-old son, live at 305 South Church Street, Hudson, Michigan.

WAYNE GOODYEAR, who has done such an excellent job of resisting the temptation to use the Reunion funds to finance a trip to Florida, is the plant manager at Ohio Tubular Steel Products. "Toughie" and his wife, Sally (you'll remember her as Sarah McMurray) live at 18 Richmond Avenue, London.

VIRGINIA BELLE GREEN is associated with her father in the Green and Co. store, and she lives at 9 1/2 East High, London.

EDITH GUTHRIE WOOD and her husband, Harold, live at 152 North Oak Street, London. Harold is a jig-borer operator and Edith teaches school.

CHARLES NATHAN HARBAGE and his wife, Harriett, live at 140 South Heath, West Jefferson. Nate is a clerk with the U. S. Postal transportation service. They have one son and three daughters.

MARGARET ANN HARPER CLAAR, her husband, Donald, and their son live on Route #3, London, where they operate a farm. In addition, Don is the custodian of and bus driver for Deercreek school and Margaret claims, as a farmer's wife, to be a "jill of all trades."

ROBERT A. HARPER is district manager for the Nationwide Insurance Co. He and Marjorie and their six children live at 286 East Main St., Plain City, Ohio. Incidentally, Bob celebrates his 42nd birthday today, which probably makes him about the youngest man in the class.

WILLIAM H. HILDINGER and his wife, Evelyn, live at 66 West High Street, London. In spite of that city address, Bill is a farmer.

DEAN HODSON is a fireman with the Springfiled Fire Department. On his days off, he and Maryan and their two sons can be found at 210 North Arlington Avenue, Springfield, Ohio.

VIRGINIA JOHNSON BOWMAN, and her husband, Carl, live at Mount Sterling, Ohio.

GLENDALE ARTHUR KELLER is, unfortunately, one of the few members of the class that the committee was unable to locate.

INEZ LOVELESS McGEE lives with her son on Route #3, New Market, Tenn., where she is employed as an inspector in a hosiery mill. As you will remember, Inez missed all the graduation festivities in 1932 because she was in the hospital; so we particularly welcome her tonight. Better late than never, Inez.

D. MAX PRINCE and his wife Anne, like Chet and Doris Geer, have a daughter in this year's graduating class. They also have a son and live at 214 Chandler Avenue, London. Max is a contractor.

RUTH PRINE WILSON and her physician husband, Bob, are residents of Middletown, Ohio, and the address is 612 Stanley street. They are the parents of two children, one boy and one girl.

MABEL REED is Mrs. Ben Harbage. With their children, Bob and Patricia, they live at 334 Wetmore Road, Columbus, 14, Ohio. Ben is manager of the mining engineering department of Jeffrey Mfg. Co., and although Mabel is a registered nurse, she says her duties as housewife and mother are full time ones.

LLOYD E. ROBERTS and Josephine and their son live on R. F. D. #4, Springfield, Ohio. Lloyd is a general contractor. He also has an interest in this year's festivities since he has a niece in the 1957 graduating class.

CHESTER B. ROBERTSON is with the United States Army in Thialand [sic]. Probably because of the time element in getting mail back and forth the committee didn't hear from Ches, but according to latest information, he can be addressed as follows: Lt. Col., JUSMAG Thailand, Box B., APO 74, San Francisco, California.

BETTY SCHLEGEL WOODS (Mrs. Robert J.) made one pertinent comment when asked if she would attend the Reunion. It was: Oh, boy!" Betty Lou and her daughter, Stephanie (who, incidentally, is a senior in college) live on Oakfield Road, Grand Island, New York.

ROWENA SHRIDER BURRIS and John live at 2917 Ruhl Avenue, Columbus. They are justifiable [sic] proud not only of their three children, but also of their three grandchildren. When you want a good meal or a slight libation, drop in on John at the Top Restaurant on East Main Street.

MARY SHUMATE must also be listed among those not located.

MARJORIE SMOUSE EMMONS is employed as a florist designer and bookkeeper at Sim's Florist Shop in London. She and her daughter live at 214 South Walnut Street.

MARVIN L. SNYDER and his wife Jane could make this party a double cause for celebration--their wedding anniversary is June 1. Marv works for the Columbus Dispatch and they and their four children live at 339 Binns Blvd., Columbus, Ohio.

EVELYN MAXWELL BALLENGER. For biographical data, see herein under Ballenger, Richard.

MARJORIE McGUIRE RYBOLT hasn't changed a bit, in spite of her marriage to the very personable Charles Rybolt, vice-president of Bacardi Imports. She wants to attend the reunion "to see the handsome men with whom I graduated." Peg and Charlie ar ethe parents of two children and live at 401 Rawson Woods Lane, Cincinnati.

EVELYN MOWELL MacLEOD and her husband Earl, live at 506 Larosa Drive, Grove City, Ohio.

BETTY ANN MURRAY lives at 103 North Oak Street, London, Ohio.

GUY NELSON is another that we have been unable to locate.

LEROY OTTE lives on R. F. D. #2, London.

LAWRENCE PAINTER, who for several years has been living with his wife and family in Michigan has recently been sent by the oil company for which he works to Puerto Rico.

HELEN PETERS ENGLE, who doesn't hesitate to admit that she and Lowell have three grandchildren, is employed as a secretary at the London Prison Farm. They live on R. F. D. #2, Mount Sterling, where Roxy operates a farm.

L. HOWARD PETERS lives at 1920 West Mound Street, Columbus.

FRANCES PETERSON HICKS, whose husband Lelon is employed by the Hobart Manufacturing Company, lives at 838 Fountain in Troy, Ohio. Their family consists of two boys.

ESTYL PFEIL, who now signs his name George E., is Mount Sterling's leading haberdasher. He and Mary live at 252 West Main Street in Mount Sterling.

VIOLA PLYMELL BROWN for several years has been the Clerk of the Madison County Draft Board. She and Welson and their son and daughter may be addressed at R. F. D. #4, London. Another daughter has married and established a home of her own.

EVELYN POSTLE PENA and her husband, Jim, who is an officer at the London Prison Farm, live at 90 Elm Street, London. They have two children--one of each. She makes no bones about saying that the experience gained in running the presses the first time has make making the second million a little easier.

Submitted by Gerre Engard Byrd


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