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Madison County Class Reunion

London High School Class of 1932

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Left to right:
Top Row: Rowna Schrider, Anna Castro, Edith Guthrie, Edna Wasner, Norma Snyder, Helen Peters, Margaret Ann Harper.
Second Row: Marion Engard, Leroy Otte, Mary Kay Sparling, Marvin Snyder, robert Harper, Bertman Gavey, Lloyd Roberts, Charles Geer, Guy Nelson, Florence Cutlip, Thomas Gambill, Buddy Peters.
Third Row: Donald Turvey, Marray Creath, Alga Ballard, Marvel Anthony, Helen Genite, Robert Amerine, Betty Murray, Robert Burris, Marjorie McGuire, Emmett Tallman, Doris Doty, Richard Ballenger, Chester Robertson
Fourth Row: Virginia Green, Glendale Keller, Walter Bussey, Walter Wally, Lawrence Painter, Guy Alexander, Nathan Harbage, Margaret Brown, Elizabeth Hennigan, Harold Bark, Chester Geer, Betty Lou Schlegel.
Fifth Row: Wayne Goodyear, Ike Brown, Orpha Calloway, Superintendent W. H. Rice, Principal Bessie Trumper, Anna Thompson, Evelyn Maxwell, Eileen Foreman.
Sixth Row: Gladys Woods, Ruth E. Prine, Margaret Cummins, Evelyn Mowell, Virginia Johnson, Estyl Pfeil, Evelyn Postell, Francis Petterson, Marjorie Smouse, Mabel Reed, Mary Shumate.
Seventh and Last Row: Dean Hodson, Jimmy Bell, Carl Buehler, Ralph Wright, Viola Plymell, Inez Loveless, Max Price, Francis Plymell, William Hilldinger, Woodrow Thigaup

Submitted by Gerre Engard Byrd
The names were difficult for me to read. My apologies for any misspelled names. I've heard my dad mention many of these surnames. I've personally met Murray Creath and Jim Bell. Jim married one of my dad's first cousins. And many of the surnames I've come across in my PA, NJ & VA research, i.e. HODSON, REED, SNYDER/SNIDER. -- Gerre Engard Byrd

If we have misspelled any names, just contact us and we will make corrections.


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