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Township Officers

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Below we give the officers of the township from its organization to the present time:

Trustees—1819, James Moore, David Garton and Richard Kilbury; 1820, David Garton, Alford Nichols and Joseph Bidwell; 1821-22, David Garton, Alford Nichols and Abijah Cary; 1823, David Harris, Alford Nichols and Abijah Cary; 1824, Abijah Cary, Isaac Fuller and Paul Alder; 1825, Henry H. Gandy, Nahum King and James Moore; 1826, Thomas Kilgore, David Garton and Ambrose Beach; 1827, Nahum King and David Garton; 1828, Charles Beebe, James Kilgore and Samuel B. Stone; 1829, Samuel B. Stone, Charles Beebe and Nahum King; 1830, James Calhoun, Ambrose Beach and William Harris; 1831, Charles Beebe, James Milliken and Samuel B. Stone; 1832, Nahum King, Paul Smith and James Perkins; 1833, Nahum King, Isaac Fuller and William Wilson; 1831, James Millikin, James Guy and Charles McCloud; 1835, Isaac Fuller, Elihu Knapp and James Calhoun; 1836, Elihu Knapp, James Calhoun and Nahum King; 1837, Thomas Kilgore, James Calhoun and Nahum King; 1838, James Millikin, Ira Finch and James Guy; 1839, Elihu Knapp, Paul Smith and Thomas Kilgore; 1810, John Mann, William D. Wilson and A. S. Stone; 1841, Ira Finch, Luther Lane and Mathias Slyh; 1842, Samuel Flint, Asa Kilbury and Luther Lane; 1843, James M. Hunter, Samuel Flint and Thomas Kilgore; 1845, A. Harrington. J. M. Hunter and Thomas Kilgore; 1845, A. Harrington, James Calhoun and Luther Lane; 1846, Paul Smith, Luther Lane and James Calhoun; 1847, Paul Smith, Asa Kilbury and James Calhoun; 1848, James L. Bradley, Asa Kilbury and Israel Worthington; 1849, Eli Perkins, Albertus Knapp and A. S. Stone; 1850, James Calhoun, Elisha B. Cutler and Albertus Knapp; 1851-52, James Calhoun, Elisha B. Knapp and Henry Dominy; 1853, Robert Boyd, Elihu Knapp and James Converse; 1854, Asa Kilbury, Jotham Taylor and Silas Dominy; 1855, Asa Kilbury, Peter Paugh and S. C. Dominy; 1856, Thomas Kilbury, Alvin Dominy and James Converse; 1857, Thomas Kilbury, James Millikin and Alvin Dominy; 1858, Asa Kilbury, James Millikin and John McCullough; 1859, Thomas Kilbury, Henry Alder and John McCullough; 1860, Thomas Kilbury, Henry Alder and John Stevenson; 1861, James Millikin, Joseph Atkinson and John Stevenson; 1862, James Millikin, Joseph Atkinson and Alvin Dominy; 1863, Thomas Kilbury, Jotham Taylor and J. A. Henderson; 1864-65, Henry Alder, Alvin Hominy and Harvey Kilgore; 1866, Henry Alder, Alvin Dominy and Thomas Kilbury; 1867, Luther Lane, Alvin Dominy and Thomas Kilbury; 1868, W. M. Atkinson, Isaac Bidwell and Christopher Humphrey; 1869, W. M. Atkinson, Thomas Kilbury and Joseph Carr; 1870-71, James Millikin, John Price and Joseph Carr; 1872; W. M. Atkinson, Christopher Humphrey and J. Taylor; 1873, W. M. Atkinson, Wesley Carpenter and Jotham Taylor; 1874, Henry Alder, Wesley Carpenter and Alvin Dominy; 1875, James Millikin, John Price and John T. Dominy; 1876-77 W. M. Atkinson, Wesley Carpenter and John T. Dominy; 1878, Isaac Alder, Wesley Carpenter and John T. Dominy; 1879, Isaac Alder, W. M. Atkinson, and Cristopher Humphrey; 1880, Isaac Alder, John W. Morris and John S. Millkin; 1881, Isaac Alder. J. T. Dominy and Ira F. Kilbury.

Clerks—1819, Knowlton Bailey; 1820, Zena Kellogg; 1821, Thomas Kellogg; 1822, Henry H. Gandy; 1823-24, Samuel King; 1825-28, Stephen Moore, Jr.; 1829-31, Warren Frazell; 1832-34, Stephen Moore; 1835, Charles McCloud; 1836-37, Benjamin F. Willey; 1838-39, Charles McCloud; 1840-42, James Port; 1843-46, A. S. Stone; 1847-48, Alvin Harrington; 1849-50, Roswell Beach; 1851, Albertus Knapp; 1852, H. B. Gilbert; 1853-56, A. Harrington; 1857, Thompson Finch; 1858, A. Harrington; 1859, Thompson Finch; 1860, Lawson Bidwell; 1861, John W. Shaw; 1862-64, Joshua Finch; 1865-66, Harrison Predmore; 1867, Isaac Gary; 1868-69, Joshua Finch; 1870-71, R. H. Andrews; 1872-74, Joshua Finch; 1875, R. H. Andrews; 1876-77, Joshua Finch; 1878, M. Worthington; 1879-80, S. P. Andrew; 1881-82, C F. Spring.

Treasurers—1819, Paul Alder; 1820-25, Ira Finch; 1826-29. Paul Alder; 1830, Samuel P. Stone; 1831-37, A. S. Stone; 1838-41, Abijah Cary; 1842-52, Charles McCloud; 1853-74, John F. Ward; 1875-82, Henry Ward.

Justices of the Peace—1819, James Moore and Ira Finch; 1823, David Ellis, Ira Finch and Thomas Kilgore; 1827, Thomas Kilgore; 1829-32, Nahum King; 1833, Thomas Kilgore; 1834-37, James Guy; 1838, Charles T. Arthur; 1839, Henry Alder and C. McCloud; 1841, Patrick Conner and Henry Alder; 1844, Elihu Knapp and T. Kilgore; 1845, James M. Hunter; 1846, Thomas Kilgore; 1847-49, Henry Alder; 1852, E. B. Cutler and Albertus Knapp; 1849-Luther Lane; 1855, A. Knapp and C. T. Arthur; 1857, T. N. Worthington and James Converse; 1860, I. N. Worthington and Eli Perkins; 1863, Eli Perkins and I. N. Worthington; 1864, C. T. Emmas; 1866, I. N. Worthington and Henry Alder; 1869-75, William Kilgore and Henry Alder; 1878, Joseph Carr and Henry Alder.

Overseers of the Poor.—1819, Paul Alder and Ira Finch; 1820, Thomas Kilgore and Samuel Beebe; 1821, Nahum King and Samuel Beebe; 1822, Samuel Sherwood and Thomas Kilgore; 1823, Samuel Beebe and John Burdick; 1824, Henry H. Gandy and Samuel Beebe; 1825, Jonathan Harris and Ephraim Cary; 1826, Uri Beach and Abijah Cary; 1827, Henry H. Gandy and James Calhoun; 1828, Thomas Kilgore and Orin O. Beach; 1829, Abijah Carey and David Garten; 1830, Charles Beebe and Amos Harris; 1831, Abijah Cary and Stephen Moore; 1832, Mathias Slyh and Ambrose Beach; 1833, Thomas Kilgore and Ira Finch; 1834, Nahum King and S.B.Stone; 1835, Abijah Cary and Thomas Kilgore; 1836, Abijah Cary and John Kilgore; 1837, Abijah Cary and Arnold Fuller; 1838, C. T. Arthur and Samuel B.Stone; 1839, Thomas Kilgore and Elihu Knapp; 1840, Thomas Kilbury and Henry Alder; 1841, Charles McCloud and Abel W. Field; 1842, James Calhoun and Alvin Harrington; 1843, Ira Finch and I. M. Slater; 1844, Luther Lane and Abijah Cary. Here the office was abolished.

Fence Viewers—1819, Thomas Kilgore and David Harris; 1820, David Harris and Paul Alder; 1821, David Garton and Levi Francis; 1822, Henry H. Gandy and James Comstock; 1823, Stephen Hallock and Abijah Cary; 1824, William Harris and Samuel Sherwood; 1825, Christian Adams and Joseph Loyd; 1826, Christian Adams and Samuel Owens; 1828, Abijah Cary and Jacob Francis; 1829, John T. Acton and Joseph Loyd; 1830, Uri Beach and Paul Alder; 1831, John Kilgore and Mathias Slyh; 1832, Elisha Bidwell and Samuel Hallock; 1833, James Calhoun, Nahum King and Abijah Cary; 1834, William Patterson, A. Herrington and Lorenzo Beach; 1835, John Johnson, Jacob Millikin and Absalom Cary; 1836, James Millikin, Luther Lane and Samuel Hallock; 1837, David Harrington, Mathias Slyh and S. B. Stone; 1838, James Calhoun, Solomon Norton and Joseph Loyd; 1839, Alexander Finch, Gideon Bougher and B. T. Willey; 1840, Samuel Hallock, Samuel Harris and Luther Lane; 1841, John M. Slater, John Saeger and Samuel Flint; 1842, James M. Finch and John Saeger; 1843, J. Ellis, William Walker and Jonathan Morrison; 1844, J. S. Skinner, Charles McCloud and Isaac Bidwell, when the office was abolished.

Assessors—1842-43, Mathias Slyh; 1844-46, A. S. Stone; 1847-48, Luther Lane; 1849-50, Roswell Beach; 1851-52, Albertus Knapp; 1853, Uri Bidwell; 1854-55, James Converse; 1856, C. T. Arthur; 1857-65, William Kilgore; 1866, James M. Wilson; 1867-68, W. Kilgore; 1869, James Kilbury; 1870, Royal Humphrey; 1871, William Kilgore; 1872, Isaac Bidwell; 1873-75, Robert Millikin; 1876 77, James W. Kilbury; 1878-80, Charles Slyh; 1881, Henry Bidwell.

Constables—1820, Jemmy Phelps and Knowlton Bailey; 1821, Patrick Johnson and Knowlton Bailey; 1822, Patrick Johnson and John Kilgore; 1823, John Kilgore and Joseph Bidwell; 1824-25, Charles Beebe and John Kilgore; 1826, Amos Harris and Charles Beebe; 1827, Charles Beebe and Warren Frazell; 1828, James Perkins and Amos Harris; 1829, A. Eastman and James Perkins; 1830, Moses Moore and A. Eastman; 1831, Solomon Cary and Mathias Slyh; 1832, Henry Beebe and Jonathan Lock; 1833, Mathias Slyh and Henry Beebe; 1834, Henry McCumber and Lampson Stone; 1835, Willis Guy and Samuel Randall; 1836, Heman S. Hallock and Willis Guy; 1837-38, Willis Guy and Thomas Finch; 1839, John T. Clark and James M. Finch; 1840, Thomas M. Finch and James M. Finch; 1841, James M. Finch and Herman Hallock; 1842, Mathias Slyh and Israel Worthington; 1843, Mathias Slyh and Elisha C. Stevens; 1844, Solomon Walker and Herman Halloek; 1845-46, Lampson Stone and John McNelly; 1847, James Millikin and William Kilgore; 1848, William Kilgore and Solomon Walker; 1849, John Brough and Mathias Slyh; 1850, William Windell and James M. Finch; 1851, David Reese and Mathias Slyh; 1852, Josiah Fisher and A. T. Kilbury; 1853, William Thayer and Ira Kilbury; 1854, John Stephens and 0. P. Kilbury; 1855-56, Pleasant Arthur and J. P. Kilbury; 1857, Isaac Cary and Pleasant Arthur; 1858, Pleasant Arthur and William Kilgore; 1859, Isaac Cary and William J. White, 1860, Isaac Cary and Ira P. Kilbury; 1861, Isaac Guy and — —; 1862, Isaac Cary and Isaac Perkins; 1863-64, Ira F. Kilbury and Isaac Cary; 1865, Philip Harris, and Ira F. Kilbury; 1866 67, Isaac Cary and J. W. Wells; 1868, Philip Harris and J. W. Wells: 1869-70, Ira F. Kilbury and J. W. Wells: 1871, R. S. Jones and J. W. Wells; 1872, J. W. Wells and Mathias Slyh; 1873, Mathias Slyh and Samuel Patterson; 1874-75, Samuel Patterson and Isaac Cary; 1876, Isaac Cary and James Kutan; 1877, Orson G. Kilbury and Charles T. Arthur; 1878, Joel Cutler and Robert Cary; 1879, H. B. Converse and Stephen Cary; 1880, A. M. Caseand H. P. Converse: 1881, William S. Arthur and L. G. Alder.

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