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Deer Creek Township Early Marriages

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

The following were some of the early marriages, of whom one or both of the parties lived in Deer Creek Township:

John Plimell to Miss Lewis, John McDonald, Sr., to Miss Byers, John McNutt to Miss Rossel, Bartholomew Melvin to Miss Adair, John Ewing to Miss Prugh, Jacob Sidener to Miss Ewing, Hiram Edwards to Miss McCoy, Samuel Adair to Miss byers, George Stout to Miss Garrett, Jesse Stout to Miss Moore, William Davidson to Miss Smith, Joseph Adair to Mrs. Coon, Elisha Moore to Miss Coon, John McDonald, Jr. to Miss Davidson, Mathias Furrow to Miss Plimell, James Brown to Miss Smith, John Moore to Miss coon, John Dooley to Miss Plimell, Henry Prugh to Miss Logan, Edward Adair to Miss Frederick, James Johnston to Miss Adair.

The Justice of the Peace did the marrying, generally. Of their number, Patrick McLene was very popular with the young folks.

It was fashionable for the Squire to have the groom salute the bride with a kiss at the close of the ceremony, and very often the Squire would follow suit. Whether it was sealing the ordinance with a kiss or not, there was not the amount of applications for divorces as there are at the present day. Then try the old fashion!

On one occasion, a pair of darkies were united in marriage, and the Squire told him to salute the bride. The groom replied that after him was manners, but the good Squire backed out. Some of hte weddings were conducted as follows: They would invite the old and the young; after the wedding, then supper; then the old folk and children would go home. The young folk would stay and dance, if they could get a fiddler; if not, they would get some one to sing or whistle while they danced. The next day after, they went to the reception dinner all on horseback. They would start two or three ahead to get a bottle of whisky and to let the folk know that they were coming; and the one who had the swiftest horse obtained the bottle, and had the honor of carrying it back to the company; he would call a halt, and treat the crowd, always giving the bride the first dram; then they would march on, take dinner, then have another dance, stay till morning and then go home.

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