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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Lilly Chapel Grange, No. 583.—Was instituted February 14, 1874, under the supervision of Mr. Creamer, Deputy Master, with the following twenty-six charter members: J. Hardwick, A. Jackson, H. Lilly, T. Durflinger, T. Horn, Jr., William Sidner, James Lilly, J. Fogle, J. H. Gardner, William Culumber, Benjamin Thacker, H. Kennedy, Calvin Durflinger, John Byers, Thomas Gorby, Albert Lilly, Lewis Sidner, T. Horn, Sr., T. B. George, M. A. Lilly, Josie Byers, Rebecca Hardwick, William Kennedy, Mrs. A. Jackson, Catharine Sidner and Wall Moler, and were officered as follows: J. Hardwick, W. M.; H, Lilly, W. L.; T. Horn, Jr., W. A. S.; J. Lilly, W. T.; B. Thacker, W. G. K.; M. A. Lilly, W. P.; A. Jackson, W. O.; J. H. Gardner, W. S.; T. Gorby, W. C.; A. Lilly, W. Secretary; Rebecca Hardwick, W. C.; W. B. Kennedy, W F., and Josie Byers, W. L. A. S. This society continues in a good, flourishing condition, and now numbers — — members. Present officers (July 1, 1882) as follows: A. Durflinger.,W. M. ; D. C. Postle, W. L.; Henry O. Bryan, W. A. S.; Henry Lilly, W. T.; Robert Fullerton, W. G. K., Mary Durflinger, W. P.; George Durflinger, W. O.; F. V. Durflinger, W. S.; Jennie Durflinger, W. C; Jennie Fullerton, W. Secretary; Laura Sidner, W. C.; Ella Fullerton, W. F. and Ella Durflinger, W. L. A. S.

Gilroy Lodge, No. 695, I. O. O. F.—Was instituted July 8, 1880, by H. P. Gravatt, M. W. G. Master, with the following fifteen charter members: G. A. Ogden, George Gardner, A. Harst, C. L. Bales, T. J. Clifton, W. Gardner, J. Truitt, T. W. Preston, A. Jackson, D. W. Byram, W. H. Bailey, J. R. D. Bennett, H. Lilly, G. A. Bostwick and W. Peddicord, with the following officers: W. A. Ogden. N. G.; Thomas Preston, V. G.; G. A. Bostwick, Secretary, and J. R. D. Bennett, Treasurer. The lodge is in a flourishing condition, and now (July 1, 1882) has fifty-nine members. The present elective officers are: G. A. Bostwick, N. G.; C. L. Bales, V. G.; J. H. Gardner, Recording Secretary; John Shaffer, Permanent Secretary, and George Leiter, Treasurer.

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