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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Page 643

Madison Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 221, located at Jefferson, was granted a dispensation under the hands of the Grand Master, W. B. Hubbard, on January 30, 1852, and the following were charter members: Benjamin Crabb, John Melvin, T. J. Stutson, Samuel Davidson, O. P. Crabb, George J. Archer, James Parks and Richard Acton. While laboring under the dispensation, Benjamin Crabb served as W. M.; John Melvin, S. W.; T. J. Stutson, J. W. They labored under the dispensation until October 22, 1852, at which time a charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. At the first meeting after the lodge had been chartered, November 8, 1852, the following officers were elected: Benjamin Crabb, W. M.; John Melvin, S. W.; Thomas J. Stutson, J. W.; James Parks, Treasurer; O. P. Crabb, Secretary; Samuel Davidson, S. D.; Albert Downing, J. D.; R. Acton, Tiler. The lodge then consisted of nineteen members. They have done much for the establishment of Urania Lodge, No. 311, at Plain City, and contributed members thereto. The present officers of the society are: T. J. Stutson. W. M.; George A. Brookman, S. W.; W. A. Boyd, J. W.; J. T. Colliver, Treasurer; Jacob McNeal, Secretary: J. J. Booth. S. D.; J. C. Olney, J. D.; A. Miller, Tiler; Abner Johnson and John E. Roberts, Stewards. They have a neat and comfortable hall, well furnished.

Lodge No. 412 of the I. O. O. F. is located at Jefferson; was instituted under a dispensation of the Grand Lodge of the State of Ohio, by James Turner, Grand Master, on June 2, 1869, with the following as charter members, viz.: J. C. Blair, David Oakley, W. W. Fellows, J. H. Randall, G. C. Deems, William Peene, William C. Welling, with J. C. Blair as N. G.; J. H. Randall as V. G.: G. C. Deems, Secretary; W. W. Fellows, Treasurer. On the evening of the first meeting, the following made written applications and were initiated, viz.: A. D. Burnham, W. H. Stutson. N. B. Blair, Martin Kuehner, J. A. Deals, W. E. Oakly and Wilson Jones. The Trustees then elected were A. D. Burnham and W. W. Fellows. The following are the officers: Jacob Martin, N. G.; W. L. Dayton, V. G.; J. H. Beals, Secretary; Webster Olney, Treasurer. The workings of the lodge have been favorable, and furnished the charter members of two other lodges, viz., of Rome and Lilly Chapel.

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