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From History of Madison County, Ohio, Chester E. Bryan, Supervising Editor, B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis (1915)

More than one hundred years have elapsed since the first mail was handed out by a postmaster in London. The honor of being the first postmaster falls to Robert Hume, who was appointed by President Madison on February 12, 1813. The complete list of London postmasters since that time, with the dates on which they assumed the office, follow: John Moore, September 4, 1815; Pazzi Lapham, October 10, 1834; John Rouse, November 15, 1834; David P. Maulsby, July 5, 1839; John Dungan, November 5, 1841; John M. Smith, January 14, 1845; Joseph McKelfish, May 29, 1849; Benjamin F. Clark, February 3, 1853; Jacob Peetrey, June 7, 1860; James S. Hume, April 8, 1861; Wallace Lewis, May 2, 1866; James S. Crain, May 25, 1871; Kate W. Hanson, June 16, 1880; Theodore W. Miller, August 11, 1888; John M. Boyer, August 10, 1892; Frank Speasmaker, December 1, 1896 (died in office, November 22, 1900); W. M. Jones, acting post master from November 22, 1900, to January 7, 1901; L. R. Watts, January 8, 1901; Roscoe G. Hornbeck, February 1, 1909; Charles E. Gain, October 1, 1913.

There are now eight rural routes radiating from London. The dates of their establishment are as follow: Route 1, August 15, 1900; routes 2, 3, 4 and 5, September 2, 1901; routes 6 and 7, December 15, 1903; route 8, December 15, 1905. The carrier of route 5 takes a sealed pouch daily to Sedalia, the only postoffice in the county so served. City delivery in London was established on December 1, 1911, with three carriers and one sub-carrier. At the present time there are four daily deliveries in the business section and two in the residential section. In addition, there is also one early morning collection of mail. It is interesting to note that London has seventeen incoming and outgoing mails each day.

The London office was raised from fifth to four class in January, 1865; and from third to second class on July 1, 1902. The postal savings department was established on September 19, 1911, but has never been very liberally patronized here. The local office force now consists of the postmaster, assistant postmaster and three clerks. The present assistant, J. B. Emery, has held this position since he first entered the office, on December 27, 1890. The office has been at the present site since 1902; prior to that year it had been located for many years in the room now occupied by B. F. Wildman.

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