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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

There is not much to be written upon this subject in Monroe; there being no town or village within the township, and but one church edifice, there has been no general public or township interest given to this subject. There are two or three of the early family burying-grounds, the principal of which are one on the John Bradley farm and one on the David M. Bradley farm. This latter was quite early established, being in the neighborhood where the first settlers of the township located, and on the land of the first pioneer family. Here have been interred some of the Bradley family, and many of their early neighbors. During the sickly years of 1822 and 1823, the plains or level portions of this country were especially afflicted with sickness and death; and these two or three burying-grounds received many accessions to the ranks of the dead. Another fatal and troublesome disease among the early settlers, especially on the east side of Little Darby, where it prevailed more than on the west side, was the "milk sickness," which carried away by death numbers of those early settlers. These were some of the most dangerous and trying ordeals that the pioneers had to meet, and no doubt many a family became sick at heart, if not in body, to see their few and scattered neighbors stricken down with this fell destroyer, and their bodies consigned to the silent graves here in this wilderness. Who could chide them for wishing that they had remained among the rock-bound hills of Virginia? But as our forefathers of the Revolutionary times won for us a great battle, and conquered the bitter enemy of America, so in a later day did our forefathers, the pioneers, win for us and future generations a great battle in conquering these diseases and the miasmas, the mortal enemy of the early settlers, and thus entailed to us one of the richest and most beautiful countries the sun ever shone upon. It is well that we may inscribe upon the pages of history a requiem for them, whcih shall ring through ages to come, long after the simple monuments with their superscriptions shall have vanished to dust!

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