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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

March 16, 1819. "At a meeting of the Commissioners, present, Burton Blizzard, Ira Finch and Patrick McLene, on petition being presented, ordered that the following bounds compose a new township, to be known and designated by the name of Monroe: Beginning on the present line, between Deer Creek and Pike Townships, at the upper corner of Wallace's survey, running eastwardly, so as to cross Little Darby at the mouth of Barron Run, to the original line between Pike and Darby Townships; thence with the original line until it intersects Jefferson Township line at Mark's survey, then to Henry Camp's lower corner; thence northwesterly with the new road leading to Urbana, including the same as far as to where said road crosses the London road; thence in a straight line to the place of beginning." In consituting Phelps Township (now Canaan), in June of the same year, and subsequently in enlarging Pike township by taking a portion off of Monroe Township, its boundary lines were changed from teh above description to its present lines and limits. This township, in size, is one among the smallest in the county, and in shape is nearly that of an obtuse triangle. It is bounded as follows: On the north by Pike Township, on teh east by Canaan and Jefferson Townships, on the south and west by Deer Creek and Somerford Townships.

From Atlas of Madison County, J.A. Caldwell [Condit, Ohio, 1875]

It is the northern part of the county, and bounded on the south-west by Deer Creek and Somerford; north by Pike, east by Canaan and a portion of Jefferson Township. it is watered by Little Darby and its tributaries, and comprises oak openings and prairies west of Little Darby. Along the east banks of Little Darby the timber is taller and more compact than it is in the openings; the surface of the soil is level, with a deep, black loam, well adapted to the cultivation of corn, grass and hay; the farmers of this township are principally engaged in growing and feeding cattle, hogs and sheep. No village within its borders; and differs from other townships in many respects, as they have no office seekers and have no township organization, no justice of the peace, constable or other officers, and no store or blacksmith shop, and a few years ago they built their first church within its borders, by Wilsons and others.

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