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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

The schools and the subject of education have received the general attention of the people of Monroe Township, perhaps up to the full average of the other townships of the county. Like the pioneers everywhere, they began in their little log schoolhouses. One of the first schools of which we gain an account was in a little log house of the primitive kind, puncheon floor, slab seats, etc., located on the place where Thomas Fulk now resides, about 1815. Another early log schoolhouse was built on Spring Fork, on David Bradley's land, about 1820. And so on through the different early settlements, as soon as there was a sufficient number of families to support a school, they endeavored to establish these primitive schools, which served for the time. But those are now all things of the past in Monroe. This township now has established four subdistricts and one joint subdistrict, with as many good schoolhouses. The enumeration of the districts is as follows: Joint Subdistrict No. 1 — males, 30; females, 36; total, 66. No. 2 — males, 17; females, 19; total, 36. No. 3 — males, 28; females, 25; total, 53. No. 4 — males, 10; females, 16; total, 26. No. 5 — males, 26; females, 30; total, 56. Total — males, 111; females, 126; total, 237. Present Township Board of Education: Joint Subdistrict No. 1, David Fitzgerald; No. 2, La Fayette Wilson; No. 3, Joseph Williams; No. 4, D. R. Lombard (President); No. 5, Calvin Bradley.

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