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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

This township being small in territory does not, of course, require as many schoolhouses as some fo the larger townships. It has four regularly established subdistricts and one joint subdistrict. Most of these have frame houses, the citizens generally taking a fair interest in the subject of schools and education. The total school funds of last year were $1,592.67. Total expenditures, $1,426.28. Enumeration of the districts as follows: No. 1, males, 36; females, 50; total, 76. No. 2, males, 14; females, 15; total, 29. No. 3, males, 7; females, 12; total, 19. No. 4, males, 18; females, 9; total, 27. No. t, males, 8; females, 6; total, 14. Total, males, 83; females, 82; total, 165. Township Board of Education: District No. 1, James P. Carter, President; No. 2, William P. Patrick; No. 3, Pearl M. Keyes; No. 4, J.M. Bradley (sub-joint); No. 5, J.S. Van Ness.

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