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Range Township Officials

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

We find no official records of the elections of the township prior to the year 1849. Since that date, the officers have been as follows:

Trustees. — 1849-51, Levin Willoughby, John Foster and I. B. Fisher; 1852, I. B. Fisher, Levin Willoughby and Rollin Wilson; 1853, Levin Willoughby, I. B. Fisher and Jesse Watson; 1854, Jesse Watson, Levin Willoughby and Seaman Baldwin; 1855-57, Levin Willoughby, Jesse Watson and Seaman Baldwin; 1858, Jesse Watson, I. B. Fisher and Joseph H. Chenoweth; 1859, Joseph H. Chenoweth, David McClimans and James Hornbeck; 1860, Peter Counts, Cyrus Timmons and John Johnson; 1861, Peter Counts, John Johnson and L. S. Baldwin; 1862, L. S. Baldwin, Peter Counts and Jesse Watson; 1863, Peter Counts, Cyrus Timmons and William McClintick; 1864, Jesse M. Linson, William McClintick and L. S. Baldwin; 1865, J. M. Linson, William McClintick and Isaac Reeves; 1866, Cyrus Timmons, John Johnson and Benjamin Harrison; 1867-68, Cyrus Timmons, John Johnson, Sr. and Benjamin Harrison; 1869, John Fallestine, D. C. Yates and Peter Counts; 1870, Peter Counts, Batteal Harrison and Cyrus Timmons; 1871-72, Cyrus Timmons, Batteal Harrison and John McClimans; 1873, Batteal Harrison, John Johnston, Jr. and Levin Blizzard; 1874-75, Batteal Harrison, John Johnston and Immer Barrett; 1876, John F. Johnston, John Wingfield and Solomon McClimans; 1877, Solomon McClimans, John Killough and John Wingfield; 1878-79, Solomon McClimans, John Killough and John Wingfield; 1880-81, Solomon McClimans, W. A. Johnston and Nathan Shepherd; 1882, Solomon McClimans, W. A. Johnston and J. R. Wingfield.

Justices of the Peace. — 1813, Burton Blizzard and William King; 1814, James Whitesides; 1835, William Johnston; 1837, Burton Blizzard; 1838, William Johnston; 1841-44, Thomas Baldwin; 1840, Burton Blizzard; 1843-46, Christian Selsor; 1846, William Johnston; 1849, Vincent Allen and W. A. Koontz; 1852, William Small and Peyton R. Chrisman; 1853, W. A. Koontz; 1854, Woodville A. Freeman; 1856, John J. Baldwin; 1857, W. A. Koontz; 1859, David Haskell; 1860-63, John J. Baldwin; 1862, David Haskell; 1869, John Baldwin and James M. Horrell; 1875, Theodore Hill; 1878, Theodore Hill and G. H. Alkire; 1881, G. H. Alkire and Joshua Ross.

Treasurers. — 1849, D. M. Jackson; 1850-61, M. Lemon; 1862-70, W. H. Creighton; 1871-73, C. L. Telfair; 1874, Benjamin Harrison; 1875-78, Levin Blizzard; 1879-82, Batteal Harrison.

Township Clerks — 1849-51, W. A. Koontz; 1852-53, D. C. Bench; 1854-56, N. Baker; 1857, J. D. Reeves; 1858, Levin Willoughby; 1859, William Stroup; 1860, D. D. Johnson; 1863-64, J. H. McDaniel; 1865, W. L. Morgan; 1866, J. H. McDaniel; 1867-74, William Ellars; 1875-76, J. M. Stroup; 1877, P. R. Chrisman; 1878-79, J. M. Stroup; 1880-82, Isaac T. Housman.

Constables. — 1849, Thomas Bethard and I. Norman; 1850, J. Brock and L. G. McClimans; 1852, L. G. McClimans and A. F. Wright; 1853, James Haggard and W. A. Koontz; 1854-55, William Alspaugh and Thomas Bethard; 1856, Thomas Bethard and A. V. Chrisman; 1857, William Alspaugh and Thomas Bethard; 1858, Hugh Workman and George Housman; 1859, Thomas Bethard and Hugh Workman; 1860-61, William Alpaugh and J. B. Housman; 1862-63, William Alspaugh and Philip McDaniel; 1864, James Reeves and William Ellars; 1865, B. F. Badger and M. W. Cannon; 1866, John Johnson, Jr., and E. C. McClimans; 1867, James Reeves and John Johnson, Jr.; 1868, William Corson and Moses Foster; 1869, B. F. Badger and John C. Counts; 1870, Joshua Ross and James Reeves; 1871, John W. Sells and C. P. Jeffries; 1872, John W. Sells and Hugh Gibblin; 1873, Hugh Gibblin and D. Bragg; 1874, Hugh Gibblin and James Reeves; 1875, Joshua Ross and J. R. Stroup; 1876-77, Jacob McDaniel and Joshua Ross; 1878-82, Thomas W. Wright and Jacob McDaniel.

Assessors. — 1849-53, Thomas Reeves; 1854, William Stroup; 1855-56, Benjamin Harrison; 1857, D. E. Johnson; 1858-59, Alfred Jenkins; 1860-61, George McClimans; 1862, P. R. Chrisman; 1863-64, John Timmons; 1865, Levin Blizzard; 1866-71, John Timmons; 1872, D. D. Johnson; 1873, John M. Stroup; 1874-76, William Johnston; 1877-82, James Reeves.

Mayors of Midway — 1845, James Shepherd; 1846, William Chappell; 1848, Vincent Allen; 1850-51, Thomas Hughs; 1852-53, Vincent Tomlinson; 1854, Woodville Freeman; 1858, Isaac Norman; 1859, Thomas Hughs; 1860, W. A. Freeman; 1861, R. F. Shepherd; 1863, W. A. Koontz; 1864, N. R. Stanford; 1865, W. A. Koontz; 1866, B. F. Shepherd; 1868-69, William Ellars; 1870, W. J. Bonham; 1872, James H. McDaniel, and 1873-74, Theodore Hill.

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