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Somerford Township Cemeteries

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Most of the burying-placea of this township are old family grounds for interment, established by the first settlers, some of which have been fenced in and carefully preserved, while some have become entirely obliterated, the grounds now being in the open pasture field, and not a mark or vestige of anything left to inform the passer-by that there, underneath the sod, lie the remains of all that was mortal of many a noble sire.

One early burying-ground. and perhaps the first place in the township used for interring the dead, is situated on the old Arbuckle place, where their family and many of the neighborhood, probably several hundred bodies, have been placed in their silent graves. This cemetery is well fenced, and will remain cared for and preserved as long as the descendants of the Arbuckle family reside in the vicinity. Another burying-place of the early settlers was located on the Gwynne land, but it is now all in open pasture. There is one located on the Stateler farm, one near the grist-mill, and one at Somerford. Although there were some other places scattered here and there over the township in early days, yet those noted above appear to have been the principal places of burial.

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