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Somerford Township Elections and Tonwship Officials

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

It appears that all records of elections of this township from its organization in 1839 up to 1858 are either lost or destroyed. From 1858 to 1875, we find the following officials duly elected:

Trustees—1858, James W. D. Statler, Alexander West and John B. Lauck; 1859, wanting; 1860, A. J. Kennedy, Alexander West and Washington Wilson; 1861, Alexander West. Washington Wilson and John H. Markle; 1862, Washington Wilson, Henry M. Comfort and John H. Markle; 1863, A. H. Lewis, A. J. Howard and Henry M. Comfort; 1864, Washington Wilson, William Allen and John M. Houston; 1865, Washington Wilson, John M. Houston and Gabriel Prugh; 1866, missing; 1867, Isaac Fox, John B. Lauck and G. M. Potee; 1868, W. Wilson, John B. Lauck and S. Kennedy; 1870. J. M. Williard, M. V. Fox and S. H. Markle; 1873, J. B. Lauck. J. M. Markle and George Prugh; 1874, George Prugh, G. Bales and J. W. Cartzdafner; 1882, William Soward, J. Potee and T. F. Lauck.

Assessors—1858, John H Kennedy; 1859. A. H. Lewis; 1860, J. M. Kirkley; 1861, Laban Guthrie; 1862, J M. Kirkley; 1863, A. J. Kennedy; 1864, Laban J. Guthrie; 1865, N. M. Lauck; 1866, S. F. Saunders; 1867, T. J. Guthrie; 1868. V. H. Prugh; 1870, Laban J. Guthrie; 1871, James Arbuckle; 1874, James Williard; 1875, Laban J. Guthrie; 1882, Harris P. Markle.

Treasurers—1858, A. H. Lewis; 1859, Clinton Taylor; 1860, George W. Prugh; 1863, J. V. Melvin; 1864, George W. Prugh; 1866, Washington Prugh; 1868, George W. Prugh; 1870, V. H. Prugh; and 1882, present incumbent, William Clingan.

Clerks—1858, A. S. Clingan; 1859, Elijah Hull; 1863, J. W. D. Statler; 1864, A. J. Clingan; 1870, James Arbuckle; 1872, Etherial Wilson; and 1882, D. W. Coberly, present incumbent.

Justices of the Peace—1859, Alexander West; 1860, E. Hull; 1861, A. J. Kennedy; 1864, Hamilton Wilson; 1867, A. J. Clingan; 1870, A. J. Clingan; 1871, Isaac Fox; 1873, William Soward; and 1882, A. J. Clingan, the present official.

Constables—James H. Palmer and Eli Williams, 1858; James H. Palmer and Argus W. Kirkley, 1859; A. W. Kirkley and J. D. Henderson, 1860; James H. Guthrie and J. D. Hendeson, 1862; J. W. Geer and John West, 1863; John West and Sutton Potee, 1864; James H. Guthrie and A. J. Clingan, 1865; A. J. Clingan and Charles Yardly, 1866; Charles Yardly and F. M. Candler, 1867; Charles Yardly and John D. Henderson, 1868; George McCorkle and Jasper Candler, 1870; John Bigelow and David Lamplin, 1871; Jasper Candler and John Bigelow, 1872; James Dillow and John Bigelow, 1873; Andrew J. Clingan, 1875; and the present incumbent, George Barber and John Neer. for 1882.

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