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Somerford Township Secret Societies

From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

On May 10, 1871, the Grand Lodge I. O. O. F. of the State of Ohio granted a warrant and dispensation to the following persons and their successors, legally and duly elected to constitute a lodge to be known by the title of Somerford Lodge, No. 481, I. O. O. F.: V. H. Prugh, T. F. Prugh, James W. D. Statler, H. P. Markle, H. H. Harris, William Harris. A. T. Prugh, Patrick Powers, Newton Potee, David Bales, F. M. Candler, S. F. Saunders, Jackson Wilson and Alexander Wilson. On July 15, 1871, the lodge was duly instituted by Rodney Foos, P. G., Special Deputy, with the following charter members: V. H. Prugh, Jackson Wilson, T. F. Prugh, Alexander Wilson, Patrick Powers, A. T. Prugh. William Harris, H. P. Markle, H. H. Harris, J. W. D. Stateler, David Bales, F. M Candler, Newton Potee, S. F. Saunders, John Furrow, Oscar Dickison and Joseph Ward; with the following officers duly elected and installed: James W. D. Statler, N. G.; V. H. Prugh, V. G.; H. P. Markle, Secretary; A. T. Prugh, Permanent Secretary; David Bales, Treasurer. The present membership (October, 1882) is seventy-six, officered as follows: Thomas Cornwell, N. G.; George Barber, V. G.; C. G. Markle, Secretary; C. E. Arbuckle, Permanent Secretary; W. L. Clingan, Treasurer.

Somerford Division, No. 89, Sons of Temperance, was duly instituted October 21, 1881, with the following charter members: Delia Arbuckle, Emma Eckles, Hamilton Orpitt, M. C. Sprague, S. T. Holland, Anna Fawver, Charles Prugh, Emma Stanford, Annie Snediker, John Turner, Mrs. Josie Prugh, Francis Stanley, Mrs. R. Dayton, S. A. Holland, Claudius Potee, Charles Wilson, N. B. Wilson, Mrs. Jane Overturf, A. G. Cartzdafner, Hannah Geer, Jennie Potee, Mary Arbuckle, Addie Cartzdafner, O. A. McCauley, Avrill Potee, Minnie Payne, S. M. Holland, Mary McCauley, Granville Potee, W. L. Clingan, Jonathan Geer, Elmer Overturf, Elmer Rodgers, Jacob Wilson, Joseph Eckles and Amanda Holland. E. J. Morris, G. S.; J. P. Wintermule, G. W. P. The following officers were elected: M. C. Sprague, W. P.; Emma Eckles, T. W. P.; Delia Arbuckle, W. A.: Silas Holland, R. S.; Addie Snediker, A. R. S.; A. G. Cartzdafner, F. S.; W. L. Clingan, Treasurer; S. M. Holland, C.; Minnie Payne, A. C.; Addie Cartzdafner, F. S.; and Hamilton Orpitt, O. S.

The present membership (October, 1882) is fifty-six, officered as follows: A. G. Cartzdafner, W. P. : D. W. Coberly, P. W. P. ; Ida Snediker, W. A.; James H. Clingan. R. S.; Addie Cartzdafner, A. R. S.; Byron Cartzdafner, F. S.; W. L. Clingan, Treasurer; Hannah Overturf, Chaplain; M. C. Sprague, Conductor; Delia Arbuckle, A. C.; A. Potee, I. S.; and K. T. Markle, O. S.

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