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From Atlas of Madison County by J.A. Caldwell, Condit, Ohio (1875)

Somerford P.O., is in the south part of Somerford Township, on the National road, four miles west of Lafayette, and four miles north-west from London, and was laid out by Joseph Chrisman, in 1833-34. It contains two churches — a Methodist and a Christian; a drug store, two groceries, a hotel, two blacksmith shops, and the population is about 200. Mrs. Nancy wilson, who resides now in Somerford, her father settled in Darby Township in 1812. the house that she lives in was the third house built in Somerford, the hotel was the second.

From History of Madison County, Ohio, Chester E. Bryan, Supervising Editor, B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis (1915)

Summerford, the only village in Somerford township, was laid out on June 5, 1835, by Joseph Chrisman. The proprietor opened the first tavern and became the first merchant of the infant town. William Eaton was the first postmaster and G. W. Cartzdafner was the last man to hold the Office. With the establishment of rural route No. 2, out of London, on September 2, 1902, the postoffice at Summerford was discontinued. The first physicians were Doctors Putnam and Crann. Among the merchants of the village in the past may be mentioned W. L. Clingan, M. V. Fauver and J. A. Evans. Owing to the fact that no railroad has ever come to the town it has never become a place of much inmportance, although the electric line which passed through the town in 1902 has been of great help in building it up. There is a two-room brick school building, three churches (Christian. Methodist Episcopal and Dunkard) and a commodious town hall in the village. The Odd Fellows and Eagles have lodges in the town. The present population is about three hundred. The following is the business and professional directory for 1915: Barbers. E. P. Geer, Mrs. Stella West; blacksmiths, Clyde Gist, Edgar Bussard, W. M. Saffley; hotel, C. M. Buffington; ice cream parlor, Mrs. Stella West; livery, C. M. Buffington; merchants, G. W. Cartzdafner, C. M. Buffington, N. C. Pitzer; physician, M. C. Sprague; pool rooms, E. P. Geer, Mrs. Stella West; wood working shop, George Bussard.

The present officials of Somerford township are as follow: Trustees, Stephen Bodkins, R. W. Wilson and Humphrey Nicewarner; school board, M. C. Sprague, Valentine Wilson, Clyde Gist, Prugh Overturf and N. C. Pitzer; health officer, B. F. Woosley; clerk, Herman Soward ; treasurer, Clarence Potee.

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