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From History of Madison County, W. H. Beers & Co, Chicago, 1883

Two railroads pass through this township, the Pittsburg. Cincinnati & St. Louis, and the Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western (formerly Springfield & Columbus Short Line). The township is well supplied with pikes, or good gravel roads, radiating in all directions from London, the only town in the township the principal of which are, the Somerford pike, the Springfield pike, the south Charleston pike, the pike leading to Newport and Midway, the Mount Sterling pike, the Lilly Chapel & Georgesville pike, the Jefferson pike, the Lafayette pike, and now building, the Beach Road pike, all of which add greatly to the business interests of London, and to the comfort and convenience of the people throughout the entire country. Besides these pikes above mentioned, many of the cross and connecting roads have been more or less graveled, and made nearly as good as pikes, so that we may say that this township has superior roads and facilities for travel, comfort and convenience.

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